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An introduction

We are a family run, Irish skincare brand specialising in ethical, natural, high-end soaps. Our soaps are made from pure, natural ingredients and we make them with our very own hands. We believe that our lifestyle choices matter and that as individuals we can make a difference. We are simple folk who like to live simply.

XX Tony, Magda & Oskar

Simply Softer Skincare

Free from peg, Poly,
sls & parabens
high glycerin
handmade locally

Natural soaps for sensitive skin

Eco-friendly shampoo bar

Tired of using plastic shampoo products full of chemicals that damage and work against the natural oils in your hair? Our shampoo bar is the environmentally friendly hair product you’ve been searching for.

Up to 40 washes

New Wellness Range

Designed with women's well-being in mind...

Recommended especially for menopausal women exposed to mood changes and stress.

Gift with Goodness

Not sure what fragrance or soap type, or texture that special person likes? Don’t take the chance, choose the Pure Oskar
Gift with Goodness card instead.

Curragh Sheep Graphic

Baaaaath time anyone?

Highly instagrammable, covetable, giftable while also functional, The Curragh Sheep has already gained its own cult following. The perfect gift from Ireland.

Ireland's Curragh
"The green plains stretch to the sky
As grazing sheep wander free
A distant roar as race horses gallop
Under the gaze of nature's eye…"

By Pure Oskar
A Paw-some Partnership

For the last ten years, our dog Simba has been part of our pack. From welcoming Oskar, and now seeing first hand, the creation of Pure Oskar, he’s been a reassuring presence each step of the way.
We care passionately about being a cruelty free brand. We make sure all our products, raw materials and suppliers live up to this.
This is why we’re partners with the Kildare & Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
So when you buy a  Pure Oskar product, you're also supporting the K.W.W.S.P.C.A. We donate 1% of all our online sales to them.
#kwwspca #adoptdontshop

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