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Eco-friendly Shampoo Bar

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Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar 

Are shampoo soap bars better for your hair? This is a question we get asked pretty frequently.

Our shampoo soap bar doesn’t contain the usual chemicals that liquid shampoos typically have. In many instances,  liquid shampoos contain chemicals that in fact work against the natural oils of your hair.  The plastic they are stored in isn’t the best for the environment either. 

Hair that is cleansed with natural ingredients is happy hair as far as we’re concerned. Many of us try to eat well and exercise to keep well, so why not wash well? Maybe it’s time we all wash our skin and hair with wellness in mind too? 

Pure Oskar Shampoo Bar 

A plastic free shampoo option, our shampoo soap bar is full of natural ingredients that work with your hair. We make all our soaps using a key moisturising component and our shampoo soap bar is no different. Our key ingredients for this soap are Murumuru butter and Aloe Vera. Both have powerful soothing qualities to nurture your hair and scalp. Our shampoo soap produces a good lather and leaves your hair with that glorious clean feeling. 

For the first few washes, your hair may feel a little differently however, the natural rhythms of your own cleansing system will soon adjust, and so will your hair. 

Our shampoo bar is long lasting with up to 40 uses, presenting good value for money and lasting much longer than an average plastic liquid soap. 

It’s suitable for everyday use, a good thing if you lead an active lifestyle. It also leaves a nice soapy smell that’s suitable for men and women.

Shampoo soap bars are a kind way to treat yourself, your wallet and our environment. Try it! 

Mind yourself, mind others...

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